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Water comes from the ground at 54F. It will not warm to room temperature on its own inside a 500 gallon pool. Our Baptistry Heaters will allow you to comfortable heat the water to 75F - 90F in a matter of hours or overnight.


Our New Poolside Baptistry Heater allows for water circulation as the water is heated, and uses  30% LESS ELECTRICITY than traditional heaters!

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ChurchRite - A Leader in Baptistry Heater Technology and Services

For more than 20 years, the leaders at ChurchRite have been involved in the baptistry and baptistry heater business, and have consulted with church leaders in thousands of churches nationwide to design and offer products that will meet their church building needs.  From Senior Pastors to Church Sextons, thousands have found help using our Immersion or Circulation Heating Systems!  You can count on the technology and be assured of our commitment to safety inside your church sanctuary. Whether your folks sit on church pews or church chairs, we want them all to participate comfortably, knowing that your baptismal waters are safe and comfortable, during the exciting experience of church baptism!

ChurchRite offers several styles of baptistry heaters, including:

In addition, we have Baptistry Accessories available, including Handrails, Drain and Overflow Kits, Fill Faucets, Skimmer Filters, and Receptacles for our heaters. See Our Products Page!

Which Baptistry Heater Do You Need?  - Chart

Not the Usual Yada Yada Yada

As always, remember to remove portable heating equipment from the water before touching or entering the water.  Although our equipment is safe, common sense indicates the importance of following this safety step!


All Heater Products Must be installed by a licensed electrician when wiring is required, and all should be protected by a GFCI Breaker before you use them!  This simple procedure will protect your Pastor and Candidates during the Service! 

If you are building or remodeling, we recommended you visit our   Church Services Page.

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